It's OK, not to be OK

It can be challenging to make time and space for yourself and to reflect on how you are doing, let alone acknowledging that you may not be OK and sharing this with someone. It takes courage, especially in the legal world, where seeking support through counselling might be seen as going against the expectations that you should not be struggling and can manage things on your own. But what if counselling were seen as a sign of you valuing yourself and, dare I say it, respecting that you are human? 

My experience of lawyers is that they tend to be extremely conscientious. You may be investing huge amounts of energy, time and focus on meeting others' needs - clients, line managers, judges, colleagues, courts – but often at great personal cost.  What would happen if you directed even some of that energy, focus and time towards yourself?

Having worked as a solicitor for over a decade both in advisory and litigation; in private practice, in-house and in the public sector, I intimately understand the strains and pressures that you may be experiencing in the legal sector. I appreciate how widespread the impact can be on you – mentally, physically and emotionally – and also how difficult it can feel to find the time or energy to do anything about it.  With compassion and without judgement, I can help you to explore and understand how and why these pressures and expectations are affecting you – both in your personal and professional life. Counselling is a supportive place where you can learn how to give yourself more choices, rather than continuing to struggle on your own. It is OK, not to be OK.

Counselling with me can be for a limited number of sessions or an open-ended basis. If you want to find out more, please see sessions and contact me