There are many reasons why you might be considering counselling. Whatever your reason, my role as a counsellor is to offer you an unbiased, caring and respectful place where you can bring what you would like to share – a protected space where you are welcome to be yourself and to explore how you are. Through counselling with me, you can experience a clearer sense of who you are, what you may be seeking and be supported in making decisions you feel are more aligned with how you wish to live your life. 

What is counselling?

I see counselling as a way in which you can invest in yourself, by creating space in your life which otherwise would not be there – to allow yourself to be more in touch with how you are and to reflect on how you are living your life and the decisions you are making. If you consciously commit to this investment, counselling can be a unique source of support for you. 

Working philosophy

My core training is in Psychosynthesis, an integrative model which draws on the principles of psychodynamics, person-centred approach, cognitive behavioural therapy, gestalt, mindfulness and meditation. It has a holistic view of who we are - our mind, body, feelings and spirit are meaningful - and therefore there is not an aspect of your experience that we cannot explore in counselling.  Psychosynthesis also sees our past, present and hopes for the future as interrelated and so enables me to support you whether you wish to explore how you were, how you are and/or how would like to be.  

Psychosynthesis appreciates that not all of us express ourselves the easiest through words and so, as well as traditional talking therapy, I am trained in counselling clients using inner dialogue, drawing and working with images and visualisations.

Psychosynthesis also brings a practical element to counselling and I work with clients in helping them develop strategies and tools to support themselves in the long term beyond counselling.

Psychosynthesis respects all of who we are and all aspects of what we are experiencing and it is this inclusiveness that allows me to connect with you in the fullest sense of the word. I will work with you to suit your personal needs and in a way you feel is most comfortable for you.

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